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how we lost it


Directed by Alice Biletsk 
Produced by Xixian Wang 
Cinematography by Sam Jiahao Zhang
Production Design by Richard Tian You 
Edited by Augustine So 
Excutive Producer: Eugene Efuni 
Associate Producer: Rick Ramirez, Jesse Guzman
First Assistant Director: Philip Yuzhong Ge 
First Assistant Camera: Zac Ziyu Wu 
Gaffer: Dae Hyun Kim
Key Grip: Saulius Lukosevicius 
Covid Compliance Officer: Jaden Yaxuan Chen
Costume Designer: Xiyu Lin 
On-set Costumer: Nina Linwei Fu 
Stylist: JingJing Fengwan Qing 
VFX Supervisor: Ina Chen
Colorist: Sam Jiahao Zhang
BTS Photographer: Ryan Kevin
Composer: Freddy Avis
Location by Thrift Shop Studios 
Performers: Chenhui Mao, Alex Ishii
Special Thanks to Peter Lai, Maya.

how we lost it

In ancient Japan, mizuage was a ceremony undertaken by a maiko (an apprentice geisha) as a rite of passage, and symbolised her initial sexual experience with a man.

I designed the costume.


NANAO by GILA feat Kloxii

writer / Director / Cinematographer: Jay Swuen 
Lead Choreographer: Jas Lin 
1st AC: Christopher Felix 
Editors: Jay Swuen & Jas Li
Lead Dancers: Jas Lin, Jaclyn Chu
Ensemble Choreographer: Diana Schoenfield 
Ensemble Dancers: Reese Taylor, Sakura Amano, Delaney Davis, Rachel Odebunmi, Ulara Amano, Jordan Mendelsohn, Kira Bartholomew
costume designer: Xiyu Lin
Makeup Artist: Justine Fang 
MUA Assistant: Savannah Young
Still Photographer: Ala Cho 
Title Design: Marshall Wang 
Label: LEX Records


nAThe music film for “Nanao” (难熬) is a haunting tale between two lovers drowning in toxic cycles of entanglement and codependency. Inspired by the ancient Chinese mythological book "The Classic of Mountains and Seas" (山海经 ~300 B.C. ), two dancers portray “MANMAN” (蛮蛮), a mythical beast made of conjoined one-eyed birds. As the video spirals, the two halves undergo a violent process of merging with flashes of fleeting intimacy and tenderness.

I designed the costume.

mukbang roller

 Mukbang Roller is a music video for the song by Sonia Calico. It was directed by Jasmine Lin and Curry Tian, premiered on Nowness Asia on March 6th 2021.

Sonia Calico - Mukbang Roller


Directed by Jasmine Lin 林思穎 & Curry Tian

Produced by Xixian Wang

Director of Photography & Colorist: Scott Smith

Co-producer & Assistant Director: Sarah Hyunji Park 

Production Design by Mochii Mengqing Yuan 袁夢晴

Edited by Reggie Yijuan Zhao

Executive Producers: Dante Jiayu Liu 刘家雨, Jesse Guzman, Rick Ramirez   

Performers: Jaclyn Chu, Jenny Kwak, Jasmine Lin

Costume Designer & Stylist: Xiyu Lin 林熹雨 

3D Artist & Additional Costume Designer: Nusi Quero

Gaffer & 1st AC: Siwei Li

Covid Compliance Officer: Dante Jiayu Liu

BTS Photographer: Ryan Kevin

Label: More Time Records

Camera Support: Old Fast Glass

Location: Thrift Shop Studios 

Special Thanks to: Peter Lai

mukbang roller


Simulacra(directed by Curry Tian) is about an elderly Buddhist woman recalls a ritual from her past, undertaking a journey of duality expressed through her many identities

I stylized the characters.

Simulacra won the Student Academy in 2020.

It is presented by Nowness on December 15th 2020.

Director: Curry (Sicong)Tian
Producer: Jumai Yusuf and Alexa Velasquez

Director of Photography: Hark Xu 
Editor: Lai Jiang, Curry (Sicong)Tian

Original Music by Dragon Wu 昌龍

Production Designer: Mengqing Yuan
Cast: Cailyn Rice, Taylor Unwin, Emiko Yamaguchi
Visual Effect Supervisor: Han Cao

1st Assistant Director Jiayun Li 
Art Director: Owen Reese 
Art Department Production Assistants: Yuqian Cao Mengzhu Ge, Luyi Zhao
Costume Designer: Rui Zhou 
Stylist: Xiyu Lin 
Makeup Artists: Morgan Chen, Dustin Washburne
Gaffer: Emil Chang


tod's shirt bag circle: tod's x curry tian

I designed the costume.

Brand Tod’s
Artist: Curry Sicong Tian 
Production company: Yhellow
Creative Director:Curry Sicong Tian
Director / Cinematography: Lorenzo Diego Carrera
Editor: Kevin S Boris, Curry Sicong Tian
Production Designer:Mark Hertzel
Photographer: Margaryta Bushkin, Curry Sicong Tian
Production Assistant: Kevin S Boris, Margaryta Bushkin
Costume Designer: Xiyu Lin
3D Animation: Curry Sicong Tian
Compositing: Jianyong Long
Colorist: Roy Sun (Reasonstudio)
Music: Guzz, Henry Sugar



Where does your imagination take you when you fall in love with a painting? (Un)covered is a dance piece exploring this question with one of the most iconic paintings in the world, The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. From this painting emerges a strange and unique world where we explore the human form: its beauty and its strangeness. We ask, is beauty ever really attainable or is it just an illusion? We go inside the artwork and ourselves with a quest to learn how the Venus is in all of us.

I designed the costume for the show.

Choreographer: Sofia Klass

Set Designer: Salmah Beydoun

Costume Designer: Xiyu Lin

Lighting Designer: Christine Ferriter

Video Designer: Kathleen Fox

Stage Manager: Diane Park

Technical Director: Jake Siekman

Producer: Xiaoyue Zhang

Photo: Rafael Hernandez

Original Music: Mana Contractor and McLean Macionis

Performed by Lauren Gonzales, Ryan Lee, Jodie Mashburnn, Mira Spremich, Kristin Tims, Elizabeth Waller, Aaron Wilson, and Madeline Wray


Written by Sophie Treadwell in 1928, Machinal is a seminal feminist text inspired by the true crime story of convicted murderer Ruth Snyder, the first woman to be executed by electric chair in New York state. Treadwell’s protagonist, Helen, is at the mercy of the sexist rituals that society demands of her. in this 21st century reimagining, Helen’s punk alter-ego appears as a virtual ghost throughout the play in an attempt to save her from her inevitable demise.